Can I get a Testimony? We <em><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>love</strong></span></em> to hear from you! Here are a few of our favorites:<br> <br> Sense clothing is the next best thing to being naked! I love the feel of the fabrics they use and the fabulous flattering fit. It takes travel/spa type clothing to whole new level. KG<br> <br> -----------------------------------<br> <br> I literally live in sense I have a background in fashion and Now as a Mom “in the burbs” I can wear my “sweats” and still be ME! My favorite pieces are black(of course) My go –to basics are the tunic pant ;Capri for Summer. Otherwise ;the long tunic pant all year(especially for travel)I love the tanks and I pair them with the little tie shrug or a hoodie<br> <br> Thank you, LW 2010<br> <br> -----------------------------------<br> <br> Sense clothing is undoubtedly made from the most comfortable, flattering and easy to maintain fabric I have ever worn. Thank you! Kathryn Santa Fe, NM<br> <br> ---------------------------------------<br> <br> I have been giving oral testimonies for Sense for years and so am happy to finally write one. I bought my first pair of black tunic pants five years ago. As I still wear them, I can swear that they are as black, as soft, and fit as well as the Sense pants I have bought in recent years. They don't fade! Really! I have worn them through years of pilates, tai chi, gym workouts, lounging, work, travel to exotic and less than exotic destinations and have always felt appropriate, stylish, comfortable, and, yes, admired. The long sleeved shirts are favorites for layering. Simple. Elegant. Silky. Thank you. Jane<br> <br> -------------------------------------<br> <br> I have been a customer from the early days of opening Sense and they are simply the best fitting, the best fabric and the best styling of any comfort, workout, casual clothes on the market. I still have items from years ago that have the same shape and fabrication as new. LOVE SENSE! Marilyn<br> <br> ----------------------------------<br> <br> Dear Robin and Sense Staff,<br> <br> I bought my first piece of sense clothing on a visit to Santa Fe in 2008, I fell in love with that surplus top. I have since moved to Santa Fe and Sense has become a big part of my wardrobe, both for my yoga practice and my street clothes. The best part of being a resident of Santa Fe is that I get to participate in the great sale opportunities and that allows me to be even more of a fan. After this tremendous warehouse sale I can count 10 Sense pieces happily waiting to be thrown together in various combinations.<br> <br> Thanks for the Sense movement! LS<br> <br> -------------------------------------<br> <br> I have been wearing Sense practically since Robin began. Every year I invest in Sense pieces. The line is phenomenally comfortable, fluid, made of the yummiest fabrics, and perfect to dress up or down. I live in the skirted pants year round. Thank you for manufacturing a fine product that wears timelessly and withstands repeated laundering.<br> <br> Lauren Rose, MPT<br> <br> ----------------------------------<br> <br> Sense is my favorite store. I have been shopping at Sense since the year it opened, when I saw an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican about Sense. I love the fabrics! After several years, they still look as good as new. I love the colors and the way new styles intermingle with old ones. Yesterday, I bought five pieces, all of which will go great with pieces I already own. Thank you Robin and Sense for being there. Ellen F.<br> <br> -------------------------------<br> <br> I am happy to write a testimonial about the Sense clothing I've purchased and loved wearing over the years! To start with, four years ago I bought a pair of black modal pants with the little skirt on top, and I've worn them at least 2 to 3 times per week for the entire four years. I sleep in them, I wear them to the gym, to yoga, out to dinner, and to meet clients. The styling is so elegant and timeless, they go anywhere, and I always get compliments and questions about where to find them! I machine wash and dry them every time I wear them, and they've held up incredibly! They haven't frayed, or shown wear at all. The color is still as black as when I first bought them. The same goes for the black tie coat I bought at the same time. I am very picky about the way my clothes fit, and I love Sense's styling and cuts. They fit my body perfectly, whether I'm in great shape or carrying a few extra pounds. They don't bind in the underarms or cling unflatteringly around the waist. The latest purchases I made are my new favorites, and I know they will last for years. My 20 year old daughter and I had a great time trying things on with all the women in the store, which was a lovely, communal way to spend an afternoon, and we had lots of help from the wonderful staff finding what we were looking for. I think all of Robin's creations look great on women of any age!<br> <br> Here's to another six years! Gretchen Overman<br> <br> ---------------------------<br> <br> "I absolutely LOVE these clothes. They are elegant, chic and above all unbelievably comfortable. I wear the tank tops constantly. Thank you Sense Clothing for allowing me to be gorgeous and relaxed at the same time-every woman's dream."<br> <br> Melissa Weiss Steele<br> <br> ---------------------------<br> <br> I bought one piece of clothing from Sense thinking that I would only wear it lounging around my house!<br> How silly of me! I kept coming back to add more garments because it did not take me long to realize that<br> <br> I can wear this clothing EVERYWHERE!. I finally came to my "senses". I love to treat my sisters and girlfriends<br> <br> to this wonderful clothing and so appreciate the savings that are passed on with your fabulous sales. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!<br> <br> Suzanne Craver

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